Intermission Menu

Intermission Menu

These are the only items available during this time.


  • Country Oatmeal and Sautéed Cinnamon Apples served with Currants and Brown Sugar • 8.5
  • Housemade Granola with Toasted Almonds and Orange Zest served with Low-Fat Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Salad • 9

Le Soupe

  • Soupe du Jour  cup • 6  bowl • 7.5

Les Sandwiches

  • Signature Chicken Tarragon Salad on Julienne Rosemary Currant Bread • 12
  • Roasted Turkey Breast with Manchebo, Avocado and Caper Aioli • 12.5
  • Albacore Tuna Salad with Currants, Red Onion, Avocado, Tomato on Ciabatta • 12.5
  • Roasted Lamb with Caramelized Onions, Avocado, Tomato on Ciabatta • 13
  • Vegetarian Sandwich du Jour • 12

Les Composées

  • Petite Dejeuner with Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit Salad, Cream Current Scone or Muffin, Coffee or Tea • 11
  • Petite Dejeuner with Cappuccino, Café au Lait, Hot Chocolate or Espresso • 13
  • Provençal Spinach Crusted Quiche with cup of Soup du Jour or Fresh Fruit • 15.5
  • Cold Half-Sandwich with Soup du Jour • 15.5

A la Carte

  • Toast with Butter and Jam • 2.5
    Rosemary Current, Sourdough or Whole Wheat
  • Assorted Breakfast Pastries • 2.5/3
  • Fresh Seasonal Bowl of Fruit • 7

Le Boissons

  • Mimosa or Bellini • 9.5
  • Fresh Citrus Juice • 3/4
  • Coffee / Iced Tea • 3.5
  • Espresso / Hot Tea • 4
  • Café au Lait / Cappuccino • 4.5
  • Café Mocha / Hot Callebaut Chocolate • 5

A gentle reminder……For safety reasons and as a courtesy to fellow diners
We ask that parents be attentive to their children’s conduct. Please refrain from talking (loudly) on cell phones.

Our wish is that everyone enjoys their entire dining experience with us today…. Welcome and Thank you!


"With Julie's smile and Julienne's loyal staff, many of whom have been there since Julienne's opening 30 years ago, my breakfast visits are family events. Julienne's food is consistently at the very top of restaurants I visit throughout the U.S. My favorite way to entertain for friends or business is a private dinner on the patio at Julienne with the same loyal waitstaff that covers my breakfast visits."