Gift Cards

gourmet market

We hear how happy people are to receive gifts cards for the Restaurant or the Gourmet Market…

  • Teachers
  • New homeowners
  • New parents
  • As a “get well” care package
  • Birthday gifts
  • as a thank you gift from out of town guests

…or any other reason that calls for a celebration or acknowledgement.



Gift cards may be purchased in our Gourmet Market for use in both the Restaurant and the Gourmet Market.  


"With Julie's smile and Julienne's loyal staff, many of whom have been there since Julienne's opening 30 years ago, my breakfast visits are family events. Julienne's food is consistently at the very top of restaurants I visit throughout the U.S. My favorite way to entertain for friends or business is a private dinner on the patio at Julienne with the same loyal waitstaff that covers my breakfast visits."