Our Team

How fortunate we are to have many of the same staff for decades. Actually, in the food industry, such longevity is rare. A dedicated and committed staff is the cornerstone to our success.

Without them, food wouldn’t taste nearly as good, or be as consistent, service wouldn’t be so personalized, and the look and feel wouldn’t be as welcoming. There are nearly 60 of us that work in tight quarters, but we can always count on lots of smiles and willingness to help each other. The Julienne Family IS the Julienne Way!

It is my honor to introduce those both behind the Kitchen doors, as well as those Front of House.

21-30 years

  • Marcelino, Head Chef, 30 years
  • Herbert, Dishwasher to Head Waiter, aka “Mr. Julienne”, 30 years
  • Julie Campoy, Original Counter Girl to Owner, 26 years
  • Alfredo, Dishwasher to Waiter, 25 years
  • Francisco “Corazon”, Busser, 23 years
  • Hugo, Prep Cook, 25 years
  • Eric, Prep Cook, 24 years
  • Anita, Bookkeeper, 20 years
  • Delia, Baker, 20 years

11-20 years

  • Claudia, Packaging Team to Kitchen Manager, 18 years
  • Ada, Packaging Team to Hostess to Training Manager, 17 years
  • Cristobal, Head Baker, 19 years
  • Carlos, Line Cook, 18 years
  • Juan, Waiter, 18 years
  • Manny, Runner, 16 years
  • Saul, Prep Cook, 16 years
  • Ramon, Line Cook, 16 years
  • Allie, Waiter, 15 years
  • Martin, Line Cook, 15 years
  • Alice, Packaging, 15 years
  • Santos, Busser, 14 years
  • Edgar, Line Cook, 12 years
  • Auberto, Bread Baker, 12 years
  • Marlene, Packaging, 10 years
  • Don Carlos, Prep Cook, 11 years

5-10 years

  • Kate Bartscherer, Counter Girl to General Manager, 7 years
  • Milton, Runner, Shop, AND Merchandise Coordinator, 10 years
  • Kenny, Line Cook, 10 years
  • Marco, Prep Cook, 9 years
  • Kathy, Hostess, 9 years
  • David, Prep Kitchen Leader, 8 years
  • Guaudalupe, Dishwasher, 7 years
  • Alex, Dishwasher to Prep Cook, 6 years
  • Emmanuel, Dishwasher to Baker, 6 years
  • George, Runner, 5 years
  • Maeve, Shop and Julie’s niece, 5 years
  • Alena, Shop and Julie’s niece, 5 years
  • Karen, Pastry Prep, 5 years

2-4 Years

  • Kyle, Host, 4 years
  • Auberto Jr, Packaging, 4 years
  • Blanca, Shop, 4 years
  • Antonio, Dishwasher, 3 years
  • Kevin, Prep cook, 3 years
  • Simon, Dishwasher, 2
  • Francisco “Panchito”, Line Cook, 2 years

Newcomers: 1-2 years…we are growing!

  • Paola, Shop, 1.5 years
  • Denise, Packaging, 1.5 years
  • Gio, Shop, 1.5 years
  • Chantal, Shop, 1.5 years
  • Luis, Dishwasher, 1.5 years
  • Edgar, Restaurant
  • Jose, Shop
  • Melissa, Shop
  • Frank, Dishwasher
  • Angela, Merchandise Consultant


My mom first introduced me to Julienne's more than thirty years ago so it was natural for me to introduce this great place to Jill when we began dating. So, each year for the previous twenty-seven years, Jill and I celebrate our Julienne's with an anniversary, which we just celebrated. We enjoyed a recent Friday luncheon, a Saturday breakfast and gourmet shopping for our weekly dinners.

We also celebrate each year by purchasing and unique and special gift for each other from your market. This year it was the Claude Dozorme set of cheese knives, which I bought for Jill for this years anniversary. We have never seen this beautiful product anywhere else outside of France. Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with wonderful treasures and remembrances of Julienne's to enjoy during the times that Jill's work prevents us from being there. I know that we both look forward to the near future when Jill stops working and when we can spend more time enjoying time at Julienne's every week.

I can't fully express how much having Julienne's available for our enjoyment, but we don't even have a "next to" choice since there really is no other restaurant or marketplace we have found that is at all similar or wonderful. Please, keep up the great work and I still love your Espresso coffee cake.