About Us

Welcome to Julienne! Whether you are coming in to dine for breakfast or lunch, picking up your entire Thanksgiving Dinner or looking for a gift or special item for your home, we welcome you to Julienne.

Our friendly and professional staff will take good care of you. We are proud of our reputation as being a premier culinary marketplace with an elegant yet quaint atmosphere.

We are owner operated—I am here everyday working closely with the staff to bring the very best dining and shopping experience to our customers. The friendships and familiar banter that we share with our customers is unparalleled.   Herbert, aka Mr. Julienne, here since 1985, will likely remember exactly how you like your coffee and eggs—even after a many year lapse.

index-2I feel fortunate for the mutual respect and appreciation between customers and staff. It is a camaraderie that is not manufactured or contrived. It continues to grow organically even after 30 years. The strength of Julienne lies in our timelessness—in the venue, menu, décor right down to the familiar kitchen and wait staff—and yet the ambiance is one of comfort and “home” feel rather than dated. People are surprised to learn that we are open for breakfast and lunch only with no dinner service and closed on Sundays.  Perhaps that is one reason why many of our 50 plus staff have been here for many  years.  We know our limitations and value the quality of life of our employees.

The “Shop” is a bustling place…always. The biggest compliment I hear time and again is when someone says in a wistful tone, “I feel like I’m vacation when I come here.” I smile when people say that they want to get locked inside.

Regarding the Gourmet Market and Gift Shop–we love to shop, and we love creating a beautiful environment to showcase new things from our travels.    Seasonal decor for the home, European linens, hostess gifts, table accents, specialty gourmet products line the cupboards.  We are particularly known for our house made foods–entrees, salads, side dishes, casseroles, soups and stews, award winning pastries are all made from scratch.

The Gourmet Market houses deli cases, freezers, a “Grab and Go” case and special menus for every holiday.  And, then there’s wine.  Oh, how I love a summer Rosé… and most French wines, for that matter. All our wines are from boutique wineries and are hand selected and tasted by my staff and me. We do indeed enjoy that part of our job! There’s nothing better than finding the perfect pairing of food and wine.

To see more photos, visit our Gourmet Market Photo Gallery or our Restaurant Photo Gallery.

We welcome you to our Gourmet Market and Restaurant and look forward to meeting you.

Warm Regards,

Julie A. Campoy


My mom first introduced me to Julienne's more than thirty years ago so it was natural for me to introduce this great place to Jill when we began dating. So, each year for the previous twenty-seven years, Jill and I celebrate our Julienne's with an anniversary, which we just celebrated. We enjoyed a recent Friday luncheon, a Saturday breakfast and gourmet shopping for our weekly dinners.

We also celebrate each year by purchasing and unique and special gift for each other from your market. This year it was the Claude Dozorme set of cheese knives, which I bought for Jill for this years anniversary. We have never seen this beautiful product anywhere else outside of France. Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with wonderful treasures and remembrances of Julienne's to enjoy during the times that Jill's work prevents us from being there. I know that we both look forward to the near future when Jill stops working and when we can spend more time enjoying time at Julienne's every week.

I can't fully express how much having Julienne's available for our enjoyment, but we don't even have a "next to" choice since there really is no other restaurant or marketplace we have found that is at all similar or wonderful. Please, keep up the great work and I still love your Espresso coffee cake.